Statement on the Duma Elections by the People’s Freedom Party

December 5th, 2011   Articles | Russia

On December 4 voting to elect the State Duma of the Russian Federation took place. Facing the collapse of public confidence and support, the ruling group was forced to organize the most dirty and fraudulent elections in the post-Soviet history. Campaign and the voting itself were accompanied by an unprecedented level of violations and abuses by the authorities. Manipulations of the public opinion, pressure on citizens, independent observers and members of election commissions, buying and rigging votes were undertaken at a scale unseen before.

There were no free access to these elections of the political forces. A number of them (including our Party) were on the non-constitutional grounds denied registration, and thus – the opportunity to take part in elections, to formulate its program of resolving the current political crisis and to uphold it before the citizens.

In this regard, the People’s Freedom Party states:

1. Elections on December 4, 2011 were not free and fair, and their results are not credible. These elections did not comply with the Constitution and international obligations of the Russian Federation. We call on all the civil society and political organizations of our country, as well as the foreign partners of the Russian Federation to give their honest and principled assessment of these elections.

2. We do not recognize the legitimacy of the elections and the State Duma formed according to their results. It does not represent the people of Russia and does not express their will and interests. In this regard, all the future decisions of this Duma are compromised.


Moscow. December 5, 2011


People’s Freedom Party “For Russia without Lawlessness and Corruption” (PARNAS) was founded in December 2010 as a coalition of several liberal organizations to participate in Duma elections of 2011 and presidential elections of 2012. 

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