Week 37, August 31 – September 5

September 5th, 2011   Theme: Belarus

The regime released four more political prisoners who were detained after the falsified elections in December 19, 2010. Tacciana Raviaka, human rights defender from Viasna, is called to the Financial Investigation Department for an interrogation in connection with the arrest of Ales Bialiatski

August 31

A number of famous public figures and human rights activists in Czech Republic signed personal guarantees for the arrested chairman of the Human Rights Centre Viasna Ales Bialacki. Among the signers are:
Daniel Korte, MP, well-known linguist and translator of medieval literature; Libor Dvořák, journalist covering human rights violations in post-Soviet countries; Petruska Sustrova, a well-known dissident, signer of Charter’77 who served a prison term in 1969-1971 for oppositional activities and has since been Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs in 1990-1992. Today she is a translator; Katerina Spacova, executive director of Civil Belarus; Radek Dvořáček, lawyer, former activist of Amnesty International; Martin Vidvák, a member of Civil Belarus; Milan Štefanec, human rights defender, a member of Nesehnuti.


September 1, 2011

Four more political prisoners are released. All of them detained after the peaceful protest against the falsified presidential elections on December 19, 2010: Aleh Hniedcyk, Ales Kirkevic, Andrej Pratasienia and Zmicier Daronin.

Anatol Askierka and Mikalaj Pacabau, civil activists from Barysau, are arrested while collecting signatures in support of holding a People’s Assembly in Barysau. The police force them to write an explanation and confiscate all signature sheets and informational materials. The activists are released after spending several hours at the police station.

Viktar Sazonau, human rights defender from Hrodna, is summoned to the police station where he is informed that a report concerning violation of Article 22.9, “unlawful production and distribution of unregistered printed production”, has been created about him.
The fact is that on August 23 Viktar Sazonau was detained in Zhyliber Park while handing out informational bulletins in support of Ales Bialacki. The same day his flat and working place were searched and two computers and informational materials were confiscated. Now Viktar Sazonau is waiting for a court order.


September 2

Yuri Jibladze, a member of the Council of President of the Russian Federation for Civil Society Development and Human Rights, President of the Centre for Democracy Development and Human Rights, was informed at the Belarusian border to Lithuania that he is no longer allowed to enter Belarus. However, the guards didn’t present any official documentation and didn’t put any seals in his passport denying entry into Belarus.

On August 4, 2011 Yuri Jibladze was arrested by police in Minsk. He was about to deliver a speech at a press conference held at the office of the Human Rights Centre Viasna about a report written by the Committee on International Control concerning the events on December 19, 2010. He was later released with no charges.


September 3

Vasil Takarenka, civil activist in Homiel, is detained by Police when meeting a friends who will borrow him 250.000 Belarusian roubles (about 35€). He is taken to the Police department. Vasil Takarenka is accused of violating the rules of monetary transactions and faces administrative imprisonment or fine up to 10.500.000 Belarusian roubles (about 1450€).


September 4

Aksana Samujlava, head of the local branch of the Tell the truth civil campaign in Mahilou region, is detained and taken to the Police department. Aksana Samujlava’s car was stopped by the Road Police. The activist was told that her car must be inspected since it is suspected to have been involved in a serious car accident. The activist was later released but the Police confiscated 40.000 leaflets from the Tell the truthcampaign.


September 5

Tacciana Raviaka, human rights defender from Viasna, is called to the Financial Investigation Department for an interrogation in connection with the arrest of Ales Bialacki, head of Viasna human rights organisation and vice president of the International Human Rights Federation (FIDH).


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