Democratic Change in Belarus: A Framework for Action

September 12th, 2011   Eastern Europe

The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) and Freedom House have presented a groundbreaking report: “Democratic Change in Belarus – A Framework for Action”. The document is based on the findings and researches of the Belarus Working Group by gathering the leading scholars, analysts, practitioners, and issue experts identifying sustainable and impactful Western strategies for supporting Belarusian civil society and dealing with “Europe’s last dictatorship.”

The ongoing political repressions and violations against human rights in Belarus has intensified the attention of the U. S. and the European Union to “Europe’s last dictatorship.”

Since the onset of this repression following the December 2010 presidential elections, the economic and political situation inside the country has deteriorated and Belarus’ dictatorial leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka faces his deepest crisis ever since he took power.

This investigative report identifies sustainable and impactful strategies for promoting democratic reform inside Belarus, and it also includes actionable and relevant policy recommendations for the next steps for catalysing positive democratic change and lay the groundwork for the transition to a post-Lukashenka Belarus.

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