Week 31, July 19-25

July 25th, 2011   Theme: Belarus

Minsk City Court dismisses appeals from two ex-presidential candidates.

July 19

Belarusian prosecuting authorities receive numerous complaints by persons convicted of involvement in “silent protests”, appealing illegal arrest across the country.

However, instead of considering the complaints the authorities summon plaintiffs for so called “preventive conversations”, where they are forced to provide explanations that have nothing to do with the submitted appeals.

Minsk City Court dismisses appeals from ex-presidential candidates Mikalaj Statkevic and Dzmitry Us, as well as five other participants of the December 19 events – Alaksandr Klaskouski, Arciom Hrybkou, Alaksandr Kviatkevic, Dzmitry Bulanau and Andrej Pazniak which mean that they all will remain in prison.

Jury Salodki, oppositional activist from the organization Movement for Freedom, is summoned to visit the Viciebsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office for questioning over his remarks that allegedly insult Alaksandr Lukasenka.

The member activist is told to present himself at the prosecutor’s office shortly after serving out a 13-day jail sentence over a “silent” anti-government protest staged in Minsk on July 3.

Several persons convicted of involvement in “silent protest” on July 6 are reportedly subjected to torture at the prison of Zhodzina, Minsk region.

Siarhiej Kreida, Siarhiej Kalasouski and Alena Savic say they were beaten and denied medical aid during their detention in the prison.

Siarhiej Kreida was sentenced to 10 days of arrest and had to serve his term first in Minsk detention center and later in Zhodzina prison, where he, together with other convicts, was beaten by policemen and denied any medical care.

Siarhiej Kalasouski and his wife Alena Savic were arrested outside the National Library on July 6 and sentenced to 7 and 10 days of arrest respectively. Minsk policemen used foul language after the couple was taken to a police station.

After the arrest, they were taken to Minsk detention center, where there were 5 beds only, with 8 detainees in the cell. Similarly, there were only 8 beds for some 20 persons in the cell where Siarhiej Kalasouski had to spend several nights, before all the prisoners were taken to Zhodzina.

July 20

Ivan Syla, oppositional activist from the organisation Young Front, is taken to hospital serving an administrative arrest in Salihorsk detention centre with an acute allergy he had contracted during his service in the army.

The activist applied for medical aid back on July 15, however he was left in prison as there was no allergy doctor. On Monday, the prison administration again refused to take the activist to hospital due to the absence of transport. Meanwhile, the condition of Ivan Shyla severely deteriorated and he was finally taken to hospital only after he threatened to sue the administration officials.

The aggravation of allergy was caused by poor sanitary conditions in Salihorsk detention center and repeated disregard of the prisoner’s demands for medical aid, says Ivan Shyla.

Ivan Shyla was detained on July 13 and charged for using foul language in downtown Salihorsk during a “silent protest” campaign. On July 15 the activist was sentenced to 8 days of administrative arrest.

July 21

Natalia Pradzied, civil activist of the Belarusian LGBT movement, is sentenced to 10 days in prison. Natalia Pradzied approached Minsk City Executive Committee and organised a single picket on July 19. She was holding a poster with the inscription “SHOS”. The girl wanted to express her protest against Belarusian officials’ homophobia that way.

July 22

Minsk City Court dismisses appeals of six more political prisoners.

Uladzimir Loban, Andrej Fedarkievic, Dzmitry Daronin, Siarhiej Kazakou, Jauhen Sakret and Vital Macukevic’s appeals have not been approved.

Minsk Moscow District Court found them guilty according to art.293, p.2 of the Criminal Code (mass riots). Uladzimir Loban was sentenced to three years of imprisonment, Andrej Fiedarkievich – to three and a half, Jauhien Sakret – to three, Siarhiej Kazakou – to three, Dzmitry Daronin – to three and a half years of imprisonment in a reinforced prison and Vital Macukievic – to three years in a reinforced prison.

Hrodna regional custom house and the local police threaten to fine Bruzhi protesters 10 million roubles (about 1430€).

The hearing started in Hrodna Lenin District Court on July 20. 36 participants of June 12 protest at Bruzhi check-point have already been fined for huge sums of money.

The police have assessed their expenses – 7 million roubles (about 700€).

The special police troops that arrived at the border on that day demonstrated unexampled brutality and inadequacy. Many protesters were beaten severely. The custom house also demands a pecuniary compensation. Accusations were pronounced to more than 30 people in court on July 20.

Mikalaj Vorski, oppositional activist from the UCP Party from Barysau, is sentenced to five days in prison. The Court finds the activists guilty of disorderly conduct after he participated and got detained in a silent protest.

Alaksandr Ziankou, press-photographer of www.ex-pess.by independent Internet news agency, is found guilty of disorderly conduct after being detained for participating in an unauthorised silent protest. The local Court in the town of Barysau sentences Alaksandr Ziankou to five days in prison.

July 23

Viktar Zviezdzin, participant of a peaceful silent protest on July 13 in Barysau, is fined to 700,000 Belarusian roubles (about 100€) for participating in an unauthorised event.

Minsk City Court dismisses appeals from Uladzimir Niaklajeu, leader of Tell the Truth campaign and former oppositional candidate in the presidential elections 2010, as well as from Andrej Dzmitryjeu, one of the leaders of the same civil campaign Tell the Truth and head of campaign of Uladzimir Niaklajeu’s election campaign. The two oppositional activists were charged in accordance with the criminal case “mass riots” after the peaceful demonstration after the elections on December 19, 2010.

Uladzimir Niaklajeu was sentenced to two years conditional sentence. Andre Dzmitryjeu was sentenced to one year conditional punishment.

July 24

At least 4 car-owners are detained during an auto protest against another rise of fuel prices in Minsk. They are taken to the nearest police department and charged with parking violation. After that all the detainees were released.

The protesters were initially charged under Art. 17.1 of the Administrative Code (“disorderly conduct”).

July 25

Navapolatsk Town Court considers the administrative cases of several persons detained during a protest on July 20.

Jury Rudkouski is fined to 105,000 Belarusian roubles (about 15 €). His mother Ludmila Rudkouskaja, as well as Natalia Mularonak, are warned officially about participating in unauthorised events.

Two more protesters – Jauhien Parcynski and Mikalaj Nazarau – are also fined 105,000 roubles each.

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