Digital Dictatorship adressed by Carl Bildt

July 25th, 2011   Theme: Internet Freedom

“We all know that an increasing number of governments are seeking to control the net and limit the freedom on the net” said Carl Bildt, Minister for Foreign Affairs in Brussels on May 23, 2011.

It is vital to safeguard freedom of the net acknowledging that internet is and should be a key instrument for reaching long term economic and social goals, said Carl Bildt with the latest developments in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa in mind.

He is convinced that because their economic systems have been closed “they have paid the price for this in terms of slow growth”.

“It’s a question of liberalizing and opening up their economies. Of truly joining the world of communication and accelerating globalization. We must obviously give these countries and the wider region the assistance required to build the institutions of representative government, establish the rule of law, create political parties able to freely contest free elections – and in many other respects.”

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