Putin Stops Registration of New Party

June 22nd, 2011   Articles | Russia

The Russian Ministry of Justice declined an application to register the People’s Freedom Party (PARNAS). The application was backed by four opposition politicians: Mikhail Kasyanov (Russian People’s Democratic Union), Boris Nemtsov (Solidarity), Vladimir Milov (Democratic Choice) and Vladimir Ryzjkov (Republican Party of Russia).

The original intention was to register the party and to run in the Duma election in November, 2011. The party would then have brought forward a joint candidate for Presidential election in the Spring of 2012.

The formal application was submitted a month ago. Mikhail Kasyanov says that he regrets “Putin has made the decision to block us from running in the election”. He is convinced that Putin fears PARNAS since it is a real threat to him and the power structure surrounding him. “The election will not be considered free as Russia continues to violate the constitution and its international commitment.”

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