Wider sanctions against Belarus

May 24th, 2011   Articles | Belarus | Foreign Policy | The European Union

The sanctions against Lukashenka’s regime in Belarus have been widened. Today almost 190 individuals are barred from entering the EU.

The Council of the European Union has imposed wider sanctions against the Belarusian officials adding 13 new names to the black list, most of them working in the country’s judicial institutions, others in universities and schools. The Council stated that the restrictive measures imposed on the Belarus was adopted “… following the recent sentences on the former presidential candidate Sannikaw and on a number of members of the political opposition and civil society”.

Thus, today there are almost 190 Belarusian officials on this list – all of them are forbidden to enter the territory of the European Union and several non-EU countries which joined the decision of the European Union. In addition to this, the financial assets in European banks, of the listed individuals, will be frozen.

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