Road Blocks Stopped Conference Participants

April 18th, 2011   Azerbaijan | Education

Three conferences were held in cooperation with the National Independence Party of Azerbaijan (NIPA) in the Azeri capital Baku on 15-17 April. The overall topic was the post-election situation in Azerbaijan.

The participants were party members of the NIPA; from the regions on the conference’s first day, from the Youth Organization on the second and party members from Baku on the third.

On the first and third day of the conference, seminars were held in organization, communication and trust-building. The main topics of discussion were how NIPA can continue its work for democracy in Azerbaijan, how to members keep active and attract new participants – despite the repression of opposition. Another important topic was how to win the voters’ trust – not only for party’s policies but for a future with democracy and free and fair elections.

Several participants from the regions were late to the conference, others did not make it at all, as the regime had set up roadblocks and security checks, to stop the joint opposition from holding pro-democracy protests in the city center of Baku.

On the second conference day, the role of the youth organization was debated – and comparisons with practices from Sweden and Estonia were made. Principles for a free society were put into practice – e.g. political freedom, equality and freedom of speech for young people in Azerbaijan.

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