Lukashenka warned by Carl Bildt

April 15th, 2011   Articles | Belarus | Foreign Policy

The Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt warns President Lukashenka not to exploit the bomb attack on April 11, in the subway in the Belarusian capital, for attacks on the political opposition.

“These kinds of attack should be handled according to the rule of law. To have a climate of intimidation and fear is not a way to run your country, not even to handle a terrorist incident. He should be aware that we will be watching. If he uses this as excuse to further intensify repression, this will certainly be noticed,” Bildt said to EU Observer April 14, 2011.

Today the 13th person died due to injuries after the strong explosion. Currently 161 people are hospitalized in Minsk, 21 of them with severe injuries.

According to the First Deputy General Prosecutor five individuals have been arrested suspected in organising the bomb attack at Kastrychnitskaya subway station. Two of them have been transferred to a pre-trial jail. The authorities haven’t disclosed the names of the suspects, except for a few details: all of them are citizens of the Republic of Belarus and under the age of 30.

Since April 11, the KGB has visited independent newspapers Nasha Niva and Narodnaya Volia and forced them to remove material, regarding the explosion, published on the Web. For example, at Nasha Niva the KGB forced journalists to delete a video made close to the subway station only minutes after the blast.

The Ministry of Information of Belarus has sent an official warning to some independent newspapers. The Ministry claims that the newspapers have published articles with unreliable information about the terror attack in Minsk. For example reporting that some victims remained at the subway station until late evening. Which means that seriously injured people were still at the station when president Lukashenka visited the place of the explosion. According to the Ministry of Information, that sort of unreliable information may damage the state authorities and interests of the Belarusian society.

It’s worth noting that neither the Ministry of Justice nor the Ministry of Information reacted when the state media started defaming and discrediting the democratic opposition accusing them of having something to do with the explosion.

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