Belarus Party Leader released from KGB jail

April 7th, 2011   Articles | Belarus

Anatol Liabedzka, leader of the United Civil Party of Belarus – cooperation partner to the Hjalmarson Foundation – was released from KGB jail in the evening of April 6, on recognizance not to leave. 

During the election campaign, Anatol Liabedzka was the agent of the UCP’s candidate in presidential elections Yaraslau Ramanchuk. He is one of the arrested and accused in the criminal case of “mass riots” after the peaceful presidential elections on December 19, 2010.

Anatol Liabedzka was arrested in the night between December 19-20. He was picked up from his own flat and brought by KGB officers to the KGB jail. Since that time he has been in custody and for several months he was not allow to meet his lawyer – not until March 23.

The United Civil Party is centre-right and the second largest political party in Belarus. It was founded in 1995.

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