Torture Used Aginst the Belarus Opposition

March 1st, 2011   Articles | Belarus

Alaksiej (Ales) Michalevic was arrested during demontrations in Minsk on December 19, 2010. He was released on February 19. After a period of silence, he held a press conference on Monday February 28, stating that different kinds of torture and unlawful treatments had been used against him by the KGB. This includes that he had been interrogated without his lawyer being present, streched and hung up in handcuffs and had to stand outside in the cold.

Michalevic was released from the KGB prison on condition that he would cooperate with the KGB. A collaboration which he  dropped when holding the press conference on Monday in Minsk. In a written statement Michalevic explained: “Despite the fact that I, Ales Mikhalevich, a presidential candidate in the 2010 presidential elections, am bound by written cognizance not to disclose the materials of investigation, I consider it my duty to tell what is being done to the detained and the imprisoned in the KGB detention centre.” He tells in detail about different kinds of torture and says that he understands that the same kind of torment has been used against other political prisoners in the KGB prison. 

During the press conference Alaksiej Michalevic reported how masked guards on January 10, “dragged me out of the cell, handcuffed me and lifted my arms up by handcuffs so as to lower me face down to the concrete floor. They dragged me down a spiral staircase to the basement. After twisting my arms behind my back as far upwards as they would go (until my joints started cracking) they told me I needed to do everything requested of me. They kept my arms in this position for a long time and pushed them higher and higher until I said I would comply with all requests.”

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