Ideology classes in Turkey

March 1st, 2011   Education | Turkey

In cooperation with the Association for Liberal Thinking (ALT) a three-day conference based on the study guide <i>Principles for a Free Society</i>, was organized in Ankara February 18-20.

More than 30 Turkish youths, from different parts of the country, attended the conference. All of them are students, mostly studying political science and international relations. The participants were very active in discussions on both topics specific for Turkey and ideology in general.

The speakers who lectured on the basis of the book <i>Principles for a Free Society</i> were Swedish and Turkish; Thomas Gür, Frederick Saweståhl and Klas Hjort from Sweden. The Turkish speakers were: Özlem cagla Yýlmaz, President of ALT, Dr. Bican Sahin, President of ALT, Dr. Cennet Uslu, Director of Studies in Human Rights at ALT, and Dr. Bahadýr Akýn who is a professor at Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University.

Photo: Thomas Gür lecturing in Ankara.

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