Election Campaign in the Seychelles

March 25th, 2011   Education | The Seychelles

Women and youth from the New Democratic Party met on March 18-20, on Mahe Island, Seychelles, for a conference on campaign. The conference was arranged in cooperation with the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation

The New Democratic Party’s candidate is running for president in the up-coming election in May. The newly elected women’s and youth’s committees will play an active part in the presidential campaign.

The conference started with a follow-up of the New Democratic Party’s progress since the previous conference in late 2010 and a presentation by party leader Ralph Volcere of the party’s priorities in the presidential election.

The Parti Lepep (previously the Seychelles People Progressive Front) has been in power for 34 years, since the coup d’état in 1977, and has managed to stay in power also after multiparty democracy was restored in 1993. President James Michel of the Parti Lepep has ruled the country since 2004.

The Seychelles is a partly free country according to <i>Freedomhouse</i>. It is a small country of only about 89,000 inhabitants, of which most live on Mahe Island. Freedom of speech, press and assembly is limited.

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