Week 9: February 15-21

February 21st, 2011   Theme: Belarus

The Ministry of Justice cancels the licences of four lawyers who defended arrested activists. The first trial of the about 40 activists that have been arrested and accused (in criminal case) of mass riots.

February 15

Alaksandr Arastovic, one of the oppositional politicians arrested and accused of mass riots, is released from jail on recognisance not to leave.
The administration of the Academy of Public Administration (university) under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus forces students to write a letter to Catherine Ashton, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the EU. The letters explain that the students disapprove of the EU conclusion on Belarus and the decision to enforce sanctions against a number of Belarusian officials.
Nasta Lojka, human rights defender from the organisation for human rights Viasna, is questioned by the Military Counter Intelligence.
Ryhor Kryvicki, activist from the election team of the oppositional candidate Mikola Statkievic, is questioned by KGB in the town of Mazyr.
Vadzim Kabancuk, democratic activist is arrested on the border to Lithuania when coming back to Belarus carrying 100 independent newspapers about the events after the presidential elections 2010. The papers are confiscated. After four hours on the border, Vadzim Kabancuk is transferred to the Police station in the nearest town where a case is initiated against him for the resistance to border guard. He is transferred to Minsk. The Court sentence him to ten days of imprisonment for participating in the demonstration on December 19.

February 16

The KGB searches the office of For Freedom in the town of Viciebsk, where local activists arrange meetings and discussions on political topics.
The Ministry of Justice cancels the licences of four lawyers who defended arrested activists, journalist Iryna Chalip and oppositional candidate Ales Michalevic. The lawyers are: Uladzimir Touscik, Tamara Harajeva, Aleh Ahiejeu and Tacciana Ahiejeva.
Tacciana Sambalava, activist from the Belarusian Christian Democracy is questioned by KGB in the town of Mahilou and is registered by the local KGB in order to prevent her from acting on behalf of the oppositional organisation of Belarusian Christian Democracy.

February 17

The first trial of the about 40 activists that have been arrested and accused (in criminal case) of mass riots . Vasil Parfiankou is sentenced to four years imprisonment in a colony of high security and fined to about 3500 $.
Nasta Palazanka, one of the arrested and accused of mass riots (criminal case) is released from the KGB jail where she had been since December 20, when she got arrested for participating in the demonstration in Minsk.
Ludmila Krasnasielskaja, activist of the UCP Party in the town of Mazyr, is questioned about her political activity by the local Police.
Mikola Dziemidzienka, vice-chairman of the organisation of Malady Front (Young Front), is questioned by KGB about the demonstration after the elections, as well as Valancin Labacou, activist from the same organisation.

February 18

The KGB searches the flat of Aleh Miacielica, democratic activist and election agent for the oppositional candidate Uladzimir Niaklajeu.
Tamara Zajcava, regional coordinator for the organisation of Belarusian Christian Democracy and who worked during the Election Day on December 19, as an independent observer is questioned by the Police in the town of Mazyr. The reason for this is said to be that Tamara Zajcava did not stay at home on the night after the elections and therefore, according to the Police, she could have participated in the demonstration in Minsk.
Viktar Klimus, activist from the BPF Party, is questioned in the town of Brest about his political activity and the events of December 19.

February 19

Ales Michalevic, oppositional candidate who got arrested on December 20 and is accused of mass riots, is released from jail on recognisance not to leave.
Democratic activists from the youth organisation of the UCP Party, Young Democrats, Siarzuk Aleksijevic and Ivan Stasiuk, are arrested by Police and questioned. They are both arrested while walking in the town of Brest.

February 20

It all started when Artur Ramancuk on December 20, was accused of participating in an illegal demonstration and the Court sentenced him to 12 days imprisonment: Artur Ramancuk, nephew of the oppositional candidate Jaraslau Ramanchuk, is released from jail in the town of Hrodna where he spent ten days in prison. Artur Ramancuk had already been in jail for two days but was released. Some time later he received an official letter from the authorities stating that according to regulations, he was supposed to go back in jail for ten more day.

February 21

Alaksandr Pylcanka, Chairman of the Board of Lawyers in the City of Minsk, is officially expelled from the State Qualifications Commission (on questions of lawyers work). This happens after he expresses his concerns about violations of lawyers rights of those who defend oppositional activist.

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