Week 7, February 1-7

February 7th, 2011   Theme: Belarus

State TV channel ANT broadcasts a discrediting report of the events on December 19, 2010.

February 1, 2011

The KGB is carrying out searches at the home of democratic activists and journalists, among them are Zmicier Drozd, member of the campaign team of the candidate Andrej Sannikau. KGB comes to his flat at 7.00 am, searches the flat and then takes him in for questioning. The flats of several activists from the student organisation StudRada, Michas Matusievic, Michas Mackievic, Liza Jafimava and Ales Krat, are searched by KGB. All their computers are confiscated and other material. KGB is searching the flat of the democratic activist Antos Kojpis twice, in the morning and later in the afternoon, without presenting the official reason for the house searches. Zmiecier Salaujou, activist from the Belarusian Popular Front Party is questioned by KGB. The reason for this is a poem by a Belarusian national writer which KGB interprets as an appeal to people for riots. The flat of the parents of Siarhiej Kazakou, activist from the organisation European Belarus, who is in custody, is searched by KGB. The officers are trying to discredit their son by talking about him as a criminal who participated in riots. In the case of Hanna Saruba, activist of the organisation of Malady Front (Young Front), KGB is searching her flat and confiscates her sister’s computer. Kryscina Sacikava, democratic activist from the town of Mahilou, is questioned by KGB and at the same time, the Central Court informes her that she has to pay a fine for participating in the demonstration after the election (where she was seriously injured). Sviatlana Kalinkina, chief-editor of the newspaper Narodnaja Vola is questioned by KGB. The KGB forces Barys Harecki, correspondent of Radyjo Racyja, to give out information about his friends who participated in the demonstration in December. KGB searches his flat several times. Homes of numerous member of the Liberal Club are also searched by the KGB.
Kastus Zukouski, activist from Belarusian Christian Democracy, is standing before the Central Court in the town of Homiel for spreading electoral materials in places prohibited by authorities. Zukouski handed out stickers with information about broadcasting on TV of a speech of the oppositional candidate Vital Rymaseuski. According to the electoral law in Belarus stickers cannot be used as electoral material. KGB officers explained that they followed Kastus Zukouski on December 1, and watched him as he was handing out information during the election campaign – which is one more law violation since in accordance with the Belarusian Constitution authorities are prohibited to follow political activists.
KGB is warning Uladzimir and Lucyna Chalip, the parents of journalist Iryna Chalip, not to talk to journalists otherwise it may harm their daughter.
State TV channel ANT broadcasts a discrediting report of the events on December 19. According to Belarusian State Television, at least 100 Policemen and about ten ordinary citizens were injured by protestors. Alaksandr Barsukou, representative from the Department of Interior Affairs of Minsk City, says that everyone who had been arrested during the peaceful demonstration is guilty for participating in an illegal event and that every law-abiding citizen would do his or her utmost in order leave the place close to the demonstration.

February 2

KGB is continuing to carry out questioning and searches of homes of democratic activists, among them are Tamara Zajcava in the town of Kalinkavicy; Siarhiej Housa, human rights defender in the town of Baranavicy as well as Viktar Ciapin and Mikalaj Carnavus, oppositional activists who observed the presidential elections; Uladzimir Lazouski, activist of the Independent Trade Union; Siarhiej Klujeu and Ihar Simbirou, activists of UCP Party; Alaksiej Haurucikau, activist from the Social-Democratic Party National Assembly.
Hrodna State University expels student Barys Zacharuk, democratic activist from the same town.

February 3

KGB is continuing to carry out questioning and searches of homes of activists, among them are Zmicier Bulanau, who is not politically active but participated in the peaceful demonstration after the elections on December 19, he spent ten days in prison; Viktar Cajkouski, campaign coordinator of oppositional candidate Mikalaj Statkievic; Uladzimir Lemies, campaign coordinator of the oppositional candidate Andrej Sannikau in the town of Salihorsk; Mikalaj Xarnavus, campaign coordinator of the oppositional candidate Ryhor Kastusiou; Ryhor Kryvicki, campaign worker of the oppositional candidate Andrej Sannikau in the town of Mazyr.

February 4

The authorities abolish the accusation of organizing riots for two arrested citizens of the Russian Federation. Now they are accused only of participation in riots on December 19.
Iryna Lohvinava and Lubou Kamienieva, members of Belarusian Christian Democracy and previously campaign coordinators for the oppositional candidate Vital Rymaseuski, are questioned by KGB.
Mikola Rozumau, democratic activist from the town of Orša, is after a couple of months released from probation which included forced labour (despite the fact that he is an invalid and has serious health problems).
He was arrested on November 9, 2010 in his flat. According to the Police, he was punished to forced labor in accordance to the 2006 sentencing of three years of probation At that time the authorities did not arrest Mikola Rozumau, nor transmit him to a camp of forced labour. Though, about a month before the presidential elections in 2010, the authorities “remembered” him and carried out the sentence for offending the president, claiming that he said that president Lukasenka has something to do with the disappearance of four politicians. Before trial he was sent to a mental hospital for “medical examination”.
Tamara Harajeva, journalist Iryna Chalip’s lawyer, refuses to defend her client (under house arrest) despite that a contract was signed.

February 6, 2011

A member of the City Council in the town of Asipovicy, and from the Belarusian Christian Democracy, is questioned by the KGB.

February 7, 2011

KGB is continuing to questioning activists, among them are: Leanid Autuchou, activist from the BPF Party. He observed the elections in the town of Haradok. On the polling day he tried to go to Minsk in order to visit some polling station there, but was followed by unknown individuals until late evening; Lubou Kamienina, activist from the Belarusian Christian Democracy; Police is continuing to harass democratic activist from the town of Hlybokaje, Kastus Sytal, who also observed the elections. Police contact him almost every day and visit his parents; Paviel Varasylau, activist of the organisation Our House; The flat of Uladzimir Siakierka, activist from the party of Fair World (previously Belarusian Communist Party), is searched by the KGB.
The jail administration in the town of Žodzina is refusing Zmicier Daskievic, arrested politician from Malady Front (Young Front), medical help. According to his aunt, he has got serious health problems with this back.
Artur Ramancuk, nephew to oppositional ex-candidate Jaraslau Ramancuk, receives an official letter from the authorities that according to regulations, he is supposed to be back in jail for nine more day; Previous time on December 20, when he was accused of participating in an illegal demonstration and the court sentenced him to 12 days imprisonment, he was released after three days. According to officials the reason for this was the fact that Artur Ramancuk is studying abroad.


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