SDA from Bosnia visited EU

January 29th, 2011   Bosnia and Herzegovina | Education | The European Union

January 25-28 the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation organized a study trip to Brussels for a group of young politicians from the Party for Democratic Action, SDA, from Bosnia.

The program included visits to the European Commission, European Parliament, European People’s Party and NATO. Participants also had the opportunity to meet and talk  the to the Bosnian Ambassador to the EU. In the European Parliament the group met with the Swedish MP’s Anna Ibrisagic and Christopher Fjellner, who both spoke about various aspects of their work in Brussels and their home regions. The participants were happy with the visit and explained that it is of great importance to gain a deeper understanding of, as well as the opportunity to discuss, Bosnia’s relations with the European Union and NATO.

In the photo: Christofer Fjellner, MP, when meeting with the SDA representatives.

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