Poland is in Mourning

April 12th, 2010   Articles | Eastern Europe

The world joins the Polish nation in mourning those 100 people, including the Polish President and the military command, deceased in the flight accident in Russia. 

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt issued a statement:

“I have been dismayed to learn that the President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, and his wife, together with a large delegation of representatives of Polish society, have died in an air crash today. What has happened is a great disaster for our neighbour country, and our thoughts today go to the families and friends of those who have died and to the whole Polish nation.”

On his blog, the Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt writes:

“No one can deny that President Kaczynski was a true Polish patriot. I know, recalling numerous conversations with him, that he was also a true European, although slightly suspicious of that which to a too high degree would restrict the own nation. He was deeply rooted in the history of his country. I remember how he, vividly, showed me the round table where the agreement was signed, which paved the way to the semi-free election in 1990 and the fall of Communism. I remember him being very insistent that I see the newly founded Museum of the Warsaw riot in 1944. To him, the reconciliation with Russia was perhaps even more difficult than the reconciliation with Germany”.

Carl Bildt adds that he “sincerely hope[s] that this tragedy could nevertheless push forward the reconciliation process between Poland and Russia, and that it may also bring some deeper understanding to us Swedes, of our important neighbouring state across the Baltic Sea”

The European People’s Party (EPP) and its Chairman, Wilfried Martens, has also expressed their sorrow and shock:

“I am shocked by the tragic loss of President Kaczynski, his wife and many senior personalities of Polish society who were on their way to commemorate the WWII Katyn massacre of Polish officers. On behalf of the EPP, we send our sincere condolences to Prime Minister Donald Tusk and to Poland. At this painful time of mourning, our thoughts and prayers are with yo

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