EU Setting Higher Goals for Development Aid

April 22nd, 2010   Articles | Development Aid | The European Union

The European Commission wants to speed up EU’s progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The Commission proposes better effectiveness of aid by  coordination of national aid programmes. The action plan sets out a possible EU position ahead of the UN Summit on the MDGs this September.

In 2009, the EU aid level has slightly decreased and amounted €49bn. This corresponds to 0.42% of EU GNI, leaving the EU far from meeting the intermediate collective target of 0,56% GNI by 2010, before reaching 0.7% EU GNI by 2015. The EU remains the most generous global donor, providing over half of global aid.

The action plan consists of 12 points, including:.

• Member States will be asked to establish realistic, verifiable annual action plans for reaching individual targets and publish the first plans before September 2010. The European Council should lead a process of peer review among Member States. The Action Plan also calls for fair international burden-sharing with other international donors to raise their level of ambition;

• Mobilise domestic resources through better taxation in developing countries. In parallel, promote the principles of good governance in tax matters and support fight against tax evasion at international level;

• Strengthen regional integration and trade for growth and jobs;

• Support initiatives on innovative financing with high revenue potential and ensure they benefit the poorest ;

• Use the EU’s €2.4bn a year “fast-start” funding commitment in Copenhagen for climate change as a test for aid effectiveness and coherence.

The EU Action plan and the accompanying thematic documents will be discussed in the Foreign Affairs Council in May and June. It should also be part of the European Council in June, so as to ensure a strong and coordinated European voice in view of the UN Summit on MDGs in September 2010.

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