The Suspended Island – Cuba deserves full support in carrying out its transition to democracy

November 2nd, 2007   Theme: Cuba Libre!

Report by Jesús Gracia Aldaz, Spanish Ambassador to Cuba 2001-2004, published by FAES November 2007

Fifteen months after the interim transfer of power from Fidel Castro to his brother Raúl, the communist regime still shows no signs of change and continues to deepen its dependency on Venezuelan petrodollars. Yet Fidel’s disappearance from the scene can open an opportunity for Cuba to advance not only towards greater economic openness, but also towards the regime of freedom and democracy for which Cubans long. Within this context, President Bush’s speech of October 25 offers proposals for Cuba’s future such as the creation of a Freedom Fund for Cuba, thus taking into account one of the FAES Foundation’s proposals in “Latin America: An agenda for freedom.” Only through similar firmness of principles and changefostering positive proposals can conditions be established for Cubans to choose liberty in the future. In Europe, the Spanish Government should abandon its stance of complacency with the current Cuban leadership and support unequivocally the forces working for democracy and liberties in Cuba. The recent example of the Ibero-American Summit in Santiago shows where the policies aimed at appeasing the 21st century socialist caudillos lead to.
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